hogwarts AU where Arthur is NOT sorted into Gryffindor, but is instead made a Hufflepuff to the astonishment of every single person in Britain 

Morgana mocks him for a full week, but it has the opposite effect and it turns Arthur into someone who is Super Aggressive About Hufflepuff Pride

everything is black and yellow. everything

he personally deals with other students harassing first-year Puffs

he inspires the House mantra BADGER BLOOD at quidditch games and when the yellow section get going it sounds like a war chant

his game tactics are ruthless and dangerous, and for the first time in a long time Hufflepuff’s quidditch team is taken seriously

his network of close friends spans all four houses, from Merlin and Morgana in Slytherin, to his fellow Hufflepuff Gwen, to Gryffindors Lancelot and Gwaine, to Ravenclaws Elyan and Leon

and by the time he graduates, no incoming student is ashamed to be sorted into Hufflepuff ever again